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AMA Recap | Summer 2023

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Bike Angels Team
11 months ago

Our first AMA wrapped last week with solid engagement from community members and the Bike Angels Team. The AMA conversation was a unique way to connect Angels with one another and the Bike Angels Team more deeply. We gained insight into some issues that Angels are facing, and provided a bit of context to some Angel questions and feedback. Check out the posts with the most kudos below: 


Most kudo’d Angel commentRickyDee 


Most kudo’d Bike Angels Team commentrobert_halo 


To ensure that Angel’s concerns are being heard by the people that work on features that impact Angels and riders, comments and information Angels shared in the AMA were captured and forwarded to relevant teams internally.


👏HUGE THANKS👏 to those who posed questions to the AMA panel! Your participation made the event a success, and we aim to host more AMA events in the future. 

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