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August Cruiseletter

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2 years ago

Destination Unknown 🌆🚴

We know that NYC riders are eager to see the program expand, and we’re pumped to highlight the new stations that have been popping up this summer. Below are some of the stations we’ve added to expand the Citi Bike program further—making using Citi Bike and the Bike Angels program fit more easily into your life and your city.  


  • Skillman Avenue & 43rd Avenue
  • Skillman Avenue & Honeywell Street
  • Skillman Avenue & 54th Street
  • 53rd Street & Roosevelt Avenue
  • Bradley Avenue & Greenpoint Avenue
  • 36th Street & Queens Boulevard
  • 43rd Avenue & 40th Street
  • 51st Avenue & Queens Boulevard


Keep up with expansion to the coverage mage and station additions here.


Wheelie Good News 🛞🗞

SummerStage heats up with ‘Improvisations’ in Central Park Saturday, September 10th

The City Parks foundation and the World Music Institute pay tribute to the ever-eclectic NYC jazz and improvisational music scene with an outdoor concert in Central Park featuring a wide range of artists from different genres. The event revives early WMI programming that focused heavily on improvisational sounds and creation. The long list of musicians on the bill is sure to showcase a variety of sounds and instruments to deliver a delightful evening in Central Park (near a plethora of Citi Bike stations). The event is free to the public, making this a low-cost plan for a nice evening out, but space is limited. Learn more here


Angel Tune Up 👼💪

Cycling has a ton of benefits, but there can be drawbacks without giving proper time and attention to your body. Being mindful before, during, and after your ride will help you avoid any ride-related pain or injury. Implementing warm up and cool down stretching with your rides and proper riding technique will help you steer clear of any pitfalls. Self leg massage can help mitigate changes in your leg muscles as cycling becomes a larger part of your routine. Follow the steps below 2 - 3 times each week to give your muscles a boost. 


  1. Starting at your ankle, wrap one or two of your hands around your leg
  2. Use your fingertips to squeeze your muscles, applying enough pressure to feel a gentle response from your muscles
  3. Continue upward in a slow, fluid motion 
  4. Sustain for 5 - 10 minutes, working around to each side of the same leg; top to bottom
  5. Repeat on the opposite leg
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