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Community FAQ

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Community FAQ


Community Basics

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How do I reply to a topic?

  1. Click Reply to respond to a specific post
    • When you reply to a post, the subject line is filled in automatically. You can change it if you want
    • You can quote the message to which you are replying into the body of your reply by clicking Quote Message
    • Your reply is added to the existing thread. It won't create a new thread

What are tags? How do I use them?

  • A tag is a single keyword or phrase that describes the topic, theme, or subject of a post. You can add as many tags as you want and so can other community members
    • For example, in a post about a reward, you might add these tags: reward, extension, silver spoke
  • Tagging is a way to help other riders discover interesting posts. It's also a way to organize content in the community that you think is related
  • When you apply tags to a post, you add to the value by providing another way for people to find it
  • Be sure to use commas between tags

Can we tag other members into a conversation?

  • To tag a community member in a post or reply, type the ‘@’ before the member's username, you’ll see the option to confirm that tag, as shown below


Managing your posts and comments

What are kudos?

  • Kudos help us rate content in the community. 
  • Kudos have a deep impact in the community by signaling the most valuable content to site visitors 
  • When you give kudos to a message, you are giving a thumbs-up for good content and a pat on the back to its author.
  • Your kudos help to boost the value of certain messages and enhance the reputation of their authors.
  • Kudos have a deep impact in the community by signaling the most valuable content to site visitors.

How do we delete or edit a post or reply?

  1. To manage your posts, click the arrow icon in the top right corner of the message or reply.
  2. Select from the options to delete, move, or edit your message, as shown below. 



How do I mark a topic as solved?

  1. To mark a message as a solution, click the ‘Accept as Solution’ button on the reply.
  2. If you change your mind or if another reply provides an even better answer, you can revoke the first selection and accept the second reply. 
    1. To revoke an accepted solution, click Options > Not the Solution. 
  3. You can choose another solution or leave the question unsolved

How do I nominate a solved article to become a FAQ article?

To nominate any solved topic to be considered for addition to the FAQ, follow these steps: 

Click on that topic to open the thread

  1. Click on the three dots in the top right corner to reveal the post options


  2. Click ‘Nominate to Knowledge Base’




Optimizing your community experience

How can I follow or unfollow a topic or conversation?

  1. Click the arrow icon to reveal the message menu 
  2. Click ‘Subscribe’ to follow a message and get notified of future replies.
    1. Note: If you’re already subscribed to a message, you’ll see the option to unsubscribe instead 

How do I manage notifications?

  • In your community profile, find ‘My Settings’ > Subscriptions & Notifications > Notification Settings. 

How do I change my profile photo?

  1. Sign in to your community account.
  2. Go to My Settings > Avatars.
  3. Choose a new avatar in one of two ways:
    1. Select from the community avatars
    2. Upload an image of your own

Where can I view my badges?

  1. Navigate to your profile and click ‘View all badges’, as shown below



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