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Connect with the Team that Builds Bike Angels

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Bike Angels Team
12 months ago

Our first AMA is scheduled for 6/21 - 6/28—We’re gearing up to chat with you and answer questions!  


This AMA will be more slow-paced than a standard AMA and will last a full week.  With a growing audience, we want to allow time for community members to share the AMA with their friends and also use the program while contributing to the thread. 


The Bike Angels Team will check in here throughout the week to respond to questions. Some questions posted that weekend might take a bit longer to receive a response. 


We’re pumped to have this meetup to connect directly with Bike Angels! To ensure the conversation is effective, we ask that your comments and posts are courteous, concise, and mindful of our Community Guidelines


Keep our AMA top of mind, and check out a preview of the hosts below to get an idea of who will be logging on to answer questions. Set a reminder for the event, so you won’t miss the chance to chat directly with the Bike Angels Team. 


robert_halo | Robert

  • Internal Mega Angel
  • Software Engineer — Lyft Transit and Bikes


Remco  | Remco

  • Community Mega Angel 
  • Software Engineer — Bike Angels


eliza | Eliza

  • Redeemable Rewards Expert
  • UX Designer — Bike Angels
Published 12 months ago
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    Resourceful Rider

    Sorry, I’m confused, are we meant to be posting our questions as comments to this post?  Or wait for some other post/link?

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    Bike Angels Team

    Timmy Thanks for your comment! Be on the lookout for another thread on Wednesday 6/14! We'll post it around 10am PST, and we'll monitor the thread for a week. 

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    Bike Angels Team

    CeaseTheDay Thanks for posting your question in the community and for providing feedback in a survey a while bakck. If I don't return to answer this one today, we'll add it to the AMA, which starts tomorrow. 😊