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Double your points from Oct. 9–24!

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3 years ago

Hello Bike Angels! 


For two weeks in October, you’ll have the chance to earn double points on your Bike Angels trips while helping your fellow bikers! That’s right: every station’s point value will double from Oct. 9–24.



This is the perfect time to get those good vibes, free rides, and more. Check the Points and Rewards page to line up your next milestone and track which trips earn points.


How to earn points

  1. Check the app. The map will automatically update to show doubled point values at each station. They’ll also show up in the statistics section of your member profile. 
  2. Get going. Find a crowded station and grab a bike. Next, spot a station that’s looking low on wheels and needs a Bike Angel to dock a bike.
  3. Get rewarded. After completing a couple of rebalancing rides, watch the points add up in your Citi Bike account, and look out for an email about redeeming your swag.


Whether you’re after a free membership extension or some limited-edition Bike Angels swag, working more rides into your routine is the way to do it.

Published 3 years ago
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