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Earth Day 2023

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2 years ago

Earth Day is April 22nd! 🌎💗

Cycling is fundamentally a sustainable transportation mode, since it creates virtually no environmental impact compared with traditional transport. Bikes don’t create emissions and take up very little space, which allows biking to combat the effects of urbanization. Every time you choose to bike instead of riding in a traditional combustion vehicle, you’re making a small investment in your health and the health of your city. 


While there is always a cause to protect and consider the planet, Earth Day honors our planet each year by promoting environmental awareness that keeps the challenges our planet faces top of mind. Looking for ways to deepen your impact this Earth Day? Check out these options to get involved in NYC: 


Take an Educational Bike Tour

Open Streets Car-Free Earth Day is a unique event where pedestrians and cyclists take over the road, and carless streets make home to plazas with artists and educators. Get more details in our post


Attend the Annual Earth Day Initiative Festival 

Union Square is home to Earth Day Initiative’s annual in-person Earth Day event this year! From 12 to 6 pm, you can explore the workshops and exhibits focused on environmental topics. With year-round and annual events, Earth Day Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes environmental awareness and solutions through partnerships with schools, community organizations, businesses, and governments.

Plant or Adopt a Tree

NYC’s urban forest is integral to the sustainability of the city, and NYC Parks manages the growing forest. Follow your favorite tree on the NYC Tree Map, become a park steward to participate in forestry maintenance, or request a street tree be planted on your street.

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