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Fall Insights Blog

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Bike Angels Team
5 months ago

Fall Insights Blog 2023

Insights from October - December 2023



Movers & Shakers

Supermember Shout Out | @jerv3 

Jerv3 is a founding member of the Bike Angels Community, and they are still actively connecting with Angels here. Their contributions in Q4 created several engaging threads that become helpful resources for Bike Angels to find in the future. Their posts and replies are clear and thorough, and they share personal experiences to help add context to community discussions.  Big shout out to Jerv3 for all their contributions to the community over the past two years. 


Jerv3  Stats:

  • Community Member since April 2021
  • 33 community posts
  • 27 Kudos Received
  • 32,561 Lifetime Bike Angels Points



Badge Report


🥇 242 Badges Awarded in Q4 🥇


6 Members

earned the Highly Favored 5 Badge


7 Members

earned the Returning Rider 100 Badge




Community Connections

Hot Posts

👀💬 Most Views and Replies: @robertripps’ post with feedback about their experience with the new docks received the most views and replies in Q4 received 152 views, seven replies, and 14 kudos

This Post helped uncover how to use a bike key with the new dock hardware


👀💬 Most Kudo’d Thread: The @mmschaff’s post about a falling bike seat was the runner-up for the most kudos of any thread

This post helped clarify when and how to ‘wrench’ a bike to flag it for our Operations Team


Miracle Working

How the Community Improves The BA Experience


Improved Onboarding for BA Program 👶

These community posts helped create unique online help resources for specific topics like:


Uncovered Bugs 🐛

The power of the community is often found when things aren’t working as designed. The collaboration that happens here can help add context to complex issues quickly, which allows our teams to more effectively resolve bugs. Big shout out to the members below that posted in the community when things didn’t seem right. 



🪲@sean's post about seeing an unfamiliar error on the map in their app

🐞@jerv3’s post about no longer being able to track their monthly points total easily in the app





How’s My Driving?

Insights from our Site Survey

We want to hear from you! We served 814 surveys this Fall, and received 22 completed responses for a 2.7% completion rate. Insights from the survey are used directly to plan site improvements, content, and to understand how we can deliver what Angels expect from the community experience. 


This Fall, most Angels were visiting the community looking for information or to connect with other Angels, and 45% of all respondents reported they found what they were looking for when visiting the community—down 3.1% from the Summer. Most respondents described the community as ‘OK’, but we saw a total of 45% that reported they were satisfied or very satisfied.  Check what Angels are saying below:  



Site Survey Insights | Q4 2023


What was the purpose of your visit to the Bike Angels Community?



Were you able to find what you were looking for?


How would you rate your overall experience?




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  • Jerv3's avatar
    Steady Solver

    WOW. I am both humbled and honored to receive that shoutout. Thank you so much Jess !!!

  • Jess's avatar
    Bike Angels Team

    Jerv3 We truly appreciate your presence and contributions to the community! Thank you on behalf of the Bike Angels Team for helping make this space a helpful resource for the Bike Angels community on the ground. 🚲👼

  • Jerv3's avatar
    Steady Solver

    Now if they could just the monthly tracker for the points back on IOS so I could see it on my IPhone.  That would be awesome 

  • Jess's avatar
    Bike Angels Team

    I did share that feedback internally, and I would predict Angels might see it reappear sometime in the future, since it inspires Angels to compete with their personal best—but I can't say for sure. I will certainly echo this feedback in conversations around changes to the BA experience. 👼

  • Jerv3's avatar
    Steady Solver

    Jess    Thanks.  It is truly appreciated. And it does help to know at a glance where you stand point wise