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February Cruiseletter

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Bike Angels Team
4 months ago

What’s Next? 🌆🚴

Last year, activity in the community tripled compared with 2022, and we’re prepping for another year of growth and change. We’re exploring potential site updates to make things easier to find as well as some additional onboarding content to help new members learn the ins and outs of the community faster. 


Community Tune Up 👼💪

Issues that arise in the community can often flag issues that affect many Bike Angels. This is especially true when things aren’t working as expected. We recently pinpointed a bug, and our team alerted Angels that had been affected by the bug by email. A small subset of the Angels affected were still experiencing issues, and @MikeM’s post helped add context to the issue so our team could address the system issue completely. Thanks MikeM



Wheelie Good News 🛞🗞


Citi Bike Bike Angels Stats | January


37 New Community Members 


975 Site Visits


617 Angels Leveled Up 


289,725 Point-Earning Rides


Longest distance point-earning ride

SK036 | 14.56 miles 


Most Point-Earning Rides in December



Angels who moved the most unique bikes in December



Angels who visited the most unique stations in December

Note: Your Angel Code is the Initials of the name on your account + the last three digits of your phone number


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