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Introduce yourself!

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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

Hey, Angel, we’re so glad you found us here. This Community connects Bike Angels through friendly discussion, sharing of tips and tricks, and answering tough questions.


How many points do you have currently? When did become an Angel? What motivates you as a Bike Angel? Whether you’re a Joy Rider or a Power Angel with 20k points or somewhere in the middle of the road, you’re in the right spot, and we want to welcome you! 

We’re pumped to meet you. 👼 Introduce yourself here. 👋

Published 2 years ago
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    Resourceful Rider

    My name is Chetan Temkar and I have been using Bike Angels for more than 2 years.
    On request from my fellow Angels I also created an app for Android and iOS called Bike Angel Heroes to help people earn more points 🙂