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March Cruiseletter

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Bike Angels Team
3 months ago

What’s Next? 🌆🚴

The community is getting a big tune up to get ready for Summer! In the coming months, you’ll see some changes in the way things on the homepage and site pages appear, and the community will be a little easier for Angels to navigate and join in conversations. We’re excited to share the finer details with you in April or sooner. 🛠️ 


Community Tune Up 👼💪

TAGS! Tags make information in the community a little easier to find and identify. Tags are especially helpful for Bike Angels from other cities to distinguish relevant content about their city and their Bike Angels program. 


In the future, tags will become more prominently displayed and will be more integral in the community experience. Using the cities example above, we’ll have tags for each city to help organize content and create a catalog of city-specific posts, and you’ll be able to add other tags to help highlight the theme of the information.


Wheelie Good News 🛞🗞



Citi Bike Bike Angels Stats | February



57 New Community Members 



1,107 Site Visits



763 Angels Leveled Up 


316,969 Point-Earning Rides



Longest distance point-earning ride

ST303 | 12.13 miles 

Most Point-Earning Rides in February

Angels who moved the most unique bikes in February

Angels who visited the most unique stations in February

Note: Your Angel Code is the Initials of the name on your account + the last three digits of your phone number


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    Steady Solver

    Jess   Great update. Hopefully you guys can get the monthly total back up on the bike angel IOS platform.