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May Cruiseletter

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2 years ago

May Cruiseletter

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What’s Next? 🌆🚴

With more visitors and members, the community is developing a group of Supermembers!


Supermembers check in often, comment on member posts, moderate content, and set the tone of how we’ll interact with each other here. These members are integral to creating a collaborative and beneficial space for all Angels to find helpful resources. Supermembers have an important role, and as the community expands, the role they play in the community can expand, as well. 

Community Tune Up 👼💪

Our Winter Insights Blog is the first of many quarterly posts that shares data and examples about how the Bike Angels Community is growing and the greater impact on the larger BA population. Let us know what sorts of information you’d like to see in the insights blogs in the comments below!


Wheelie Good News 🛞🗞

Citi Bike Bike Angels Stats | April

38 New Community Members 

899 Site Visits

1,062 Angels Leveled Up

274,167 Point-Earning Rides

Longest distance point-earning ride

MZ321 | 13.62 miles 

Most Point-Earning Rides in April

Angels who visited the most unique stations in April



Angels who moved the most unique bikes in April



Note: Your Angel Code is the Initials of the name on your account + the last three digits of your phone number

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