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November Cruiseletter

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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

Destination Unknown 🌆🚴

We’re building something special here, Angels! The community site has seen many more visitors, topics, and conversations this year, and we’re currently planning the moves we’ll make to level things up before next riding season. It’s always exciting to dream up things we’ll do in the future, and it’s equally energizing to see what we’ve accomplished.


New Members

The number of new members that registered this year




Board Views 

The number of times topics in the community were viewed this year




Surveys Completed

The number of Angels who shared their opinion to help improve the community this year




Wheelie Good News 🛞🗞

Feedback from the community is helping to validate work and planning for future updates to the community site. Recent topics posted in the community exposed and added context to some known issues affecting rewards credits. These reports were collected, validated, and shared with the teams working on solutions to related issues. Community posts were shared directly in this report. 


We’re also reviewing responses to the community site survey to see what Angels are saying. Things are growing and changing! Insights from the survey will allow us to focus our efforts on the information and features community members are looking for. 



Angel Tune Up 👼💪

More topics are getting solved within the community, leaving helpful content for future Angels. Solved topics provide answers to niche questions and help drive more Angels to the community site. Notice that solved topics feature a green checkmark indicator to alert visitors and members that a post has been solved, and there is helpful, validated information about that topic.


To mark a topic as solved, click ‘Accept as Solution’ below the reply that includes the most helpful information.  







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