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October Cruiseletter

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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

Destination Unknown 🌆🚴

There’s power in numbers. The Bike Angels program and Community Site are growing, and it’s incredible to see the impact the program has on the cities where Bike Angels work their magic. Check out these impressive Citi Bike stats from September:


Bike Angels Trips

The number of point-earning rides in September



Total Points Earned

The total number of points Angels earned in September



Angel Community Size

The percentage of Angels out of the total number of Citi Bike riders in September



Wheelie Good News 🛞🗞

The Bike Angels Community is growing!


We’re inviting more Angels to join the party here, and we’ve seen a tremendous response. You’ll continue to see new profiles and posts appearing and new questions awaiting answers. It’s your time to shine, Angel! Be sure to review your account notifications, so you don’t miss an opportunity to do even more good. Find the options in your profile under My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > Notification Settings.


With the uptick in activity, we wanted to note that we’re exploring offering Bike Angels points for actions in here in the community like solving another Angel’s issue with an Accepted Solution. 


Angel Tune Up 👼💪

We built the community to create a space for Angels to connect and help each other, and the collaboration that happens here is powerful. Questions and topics that are solved create a record of that solution for other Angels to find. Solved topics can be nominated to become articles in the FAQ forum. The Bike Angels Team documents the solution and publishes the article, further validating the information. 

With this structure, your voice in the community has a huge impact on the larger Angel population—which directly affects the larger bikeshare community and your city itself! Check out this article that was derived from a community post and view the attached image for a visual of the process.




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