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Ride Together with Your Friends

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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

Ride Together with Your Friends

Share the ride. Hosting rides is back!

Wondering what to do with all the free unlocks you get with your membership? Have any friends you’ve been wanting to share a ride with or show them the Citi Bike system? Ride Together allows members to host a bike ride with a friend on their account.


To start a Ride Together, tap the icon on your ride selection panel, as shown in the photo below. The process is simple, you’ll start a Ride Together or you can tap to ‘Add a rider’ to your active ride, and then hand your phone to your friend. They’ll input their name and number and scan to unlock their bike. 


Hosts can track the ride in their app and will be shown a pricing breakdown after the rides have ended. 




Note: Standard Citi Bike ride pricing will apply to any rides that don’t use a free unlock perk or member perk to cover a guest’s ride charges.

Published 2 years ago
Version 1.0
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