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Summer Weather Survival Guide

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10 months ago

The summer heat has reached its peak, as has the importance of preparing for the weather. We got you—this quick list makes hot weather rides a breeze! 


Sunglasses 🕶

A wide frame with a lens that protects from UV rays should do the trick to protect from the sun, wind, and debris. Polarization is a no-go, as there are situations where cyclists will need to see glare. Amber tinted lenses are ideal to provide protection in a low sun, city environment.


Wicking clothing 🎽

Polyester or nylon wicking fabrics help keep cyclists cool and dry when things warm up. These fabrics can be light enough to allow for a breathable experience, while still offering some skin protection from friction.  


Skin protection 🧴

Sunscreen or sunblock is a non-negotiable. Your skin is your largest organ. You’ve got to protect it. If you’ll be outside, sunscreen is a must. Everyone has their own needs when it comes to skin protection, but the FDA has a list of tips to help make sense of things like reapplication and ingredients. 


Hydration 💦

Cycling in the summer heat requires an increase in hydration. Since you’re exercising in higher temps, you’ll need to make sure you stay aware of your water intake. Always carry water with you, and make note of places you can stop to refill. Eating juicy summer foods like zucchini, cucumber, and tomatoes will also help ensure you’re hydrated before you hit the road. 


Snacks 🍎

Similarly, watermelon and pineapple are tasty, healthy treats you can take in your backpack for a boost of clean energy that also helps maintain hydration. Frozen applesauce can be another refreshing way to replenish. Dried fruit and peanut butter can provide a bit more sustenance, while gummy bears and chips will suffice to provide a bit of fuel to finish the ride. 

Published 10 months ago
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