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Update: Steady Pedaler Keys

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Community Manager
3 years ago

Bike Angels, 


We know many of you have been patiently waiting for the new Steady Pedaler key. We have some updates about these keys that we can finally share with all of you!


So let’s cut to the chase, where are the keys? - After many months of delays these new keys have finally been received here at our warehouse! We are working as fast as possible to program them into our system, so you can link them in your profile and unlock bikes. This programming is expected to take 2-3 weeks to complete, and after that we will be able to start shipping out the backlog of rewards. 


This has been a record crushing summer for Citi Bike, and we genuinely couldn’t have done it without you Angels. We know this has put a strain on our system and riders, you can read more here to see how we are working to fix this!


Thank you for all of your hard work and patience with this specific reward. From supply chain issues, to having to re-mold all new keys after the first batch did not turn out properly, we finally have these keys in hand and are working feverishly to get them to you all. 


If you have received your rewards email from us and already submitted your address, then you are on our waiting list to receive your shipment!


See you in the bike lane,

Bike Angels team

Updated 3 years ago
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    Resourceful Rider

    Have these been mailed? I'm still eagerly awaiting the key I earned in July 🤞

  • BikeAngelsTeam's avatar
    Community Manager

    We're sorry to hear you didn't receive your Bike Angels reward!

    In order to report your missing reward to our Bike Angels team, please provide the following information in a DM:

    • Email
    • First & Last Name
    • Address

    We'll send this information to our Bike Angels team to confirm the shipping address and get your reward processed! You should receive your replacement reward within 3-6 business weeks!


  • ericisshort's avatar
    Resourceful Rider

    I sent a DM to the BikeAngelsTeam  account two weeks ago aro check about the fob reward form that I submitted last September, but I haven’t received a response to the DM yet.


    Eager to get my fob 🤗 

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    Bike Angels Team

    ericisshort Hey there, I apologize you've yet to receive a reply to your DM or your key fob reward. I DM'd you just a bit ago. Thank you for flagging these issues with your comment here. I look forward to resolving this with you ASAP! 😊

  • guyfrommidtown's avatar
    Resourceful Rider

    Greetings!! What’s the back log look like right now for bike keys? I earned it last month and I know they take a minute to ship out. Thank you for your time!

  • BikeAngelsTeam's avatar
    Community Manager

    Hey there! After we finish up programming the keys, the standard shipping time is 3-6 weeks. 

  • bjmeixell's avatar
    Resourceful Rider

    Is there a similar delay on the Casual Cruiser Watter Bottles? I'm still waiting to receive mine from a few months back.

  • jules135's avatar
    Resourceful Rider

    Hi! I qualified for my bike key back in July of this year and have still yet to receive it. Is there still a backlog around this? This reward was something I was specifically working toward as I often run out of data on my phone plan and run into issues unlocking bikes with my phone in these circumstances.