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Welcome to our Community!

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4 years ago

Hello Bike Angels!


We’re thrilled to have you. Here, you can connect with tons of other Bike Angels to discuss the program and share your experiences, or high scores. Please feel free to poke around and ask any questions you have - the community is here to help!



There are a few ways to join in:

First off check out our Community Guidelines for the proper posting etiquette! 


Check out the search bar on the main page to dive into discussion forums and articles on the Bike Angels program. Blog posts from the Bike Angels team will also keep you informed on updates for the Bike Angels program along with city- specific news. 


Forums allow you to ask questions, and other riders have the chance to comment their thoughts. If a Bike Angels moderator or the original poster finds your answer helpful, they can give you Kudos or mark your answer as the “Solution” for others to see. 



Some new points to track...

Angels with the highest number of kudos and accepted solutions will be shown on the Community leader board. Other private stats can be found in your personal profile. There, you can track how many posts you’ve created, comments you’ve left, and other interesting numbers. You can even view how many minutes you’ve spent online- think of this as how much time you’ve helped to grow the Bike Angels community.


We’re so happy to have you ride with us, and now chat with us! If you have any immediate questions, leave a comment below to get started engaging with your fellow Angels.


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