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6 months ago

How are people accumulating so many points?!

I’m just wondering how some angels are amassing soooo many points. I’m in awe! I thought I was doing a lot when I hit 450 points last month but I see some are doing that in one day. How?!?


also seems like a bike angels ride/meet up could be fun 👀

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    I put in about 4-5 hours/day last month and finished just shy of 2k points for the month, which was #1 for my city. Yes, I felt like a complete maniac during this whole time : )

    I am not in NYC but it seems like point opportunities are much better there! Getting familiar with the rhythm of point values vis a vis time of day and station location will help optimize your points rides. Be careful out there !

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    Living in NYC I planned my trips based on points and tried to make sure I was maximizing pick up and drop off points anywhere I went.  There were times I could easily get 24 points on 1 round trip so depending on what I had going on I could have days when I earned over 60 points just by going about my normal routine.   Hope that helps!

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      What borough are you in?   Lately, there are very few "high" point stations in Manhattan and I generally don't bike in Brooklyn unless I need to visit friends/family.   No bik