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August Cruiseletter

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Bike Angels Team
9 months ago

What’s Next? 🌆🚴

Our community is growing and has been much more lively than last summer. We had 50x the number of topics and replies posted here last month than the previous July! Visitors are 7x more likely to become a member*, and members are spending twice the amount of time on site. As liveliness in our Help and Welcome forums grows, we’ll identify themes to create additional forums to help Angels connect with each other more easily. 


Community Tune Up 👼💪

You might have noticed that the members online indicator on our homepage often said 0 members were online in the community. You may not have noticed, since this feature is only visible when you’re logged out. Either way—We fixed this dynamic indicator to ensure members will be able to see how many members are live in the community in real time. 



Wheelie Good News 🛞🗞


Citi Bike Bike Angels Stats | August

40 New Community Members 


1,461 Site Visits


2,077 Angels Leveled Up 


434,592 Point-Earning Rides


Longest distance point-earning ride

BC112 | 13.96 miles 


Most Point-Earning Rides in August

Angels who visited the most unique stations in August

Angels who moved the most unique bikes in August



Note: Your Angel Code is the Initials of the name on your account + the last three digits of your phone number


*Compared July 2022 with July 2023

Published 9 months ago
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    Steady Solver

    I'm confused. 

    There are only 1,700 citibike stations so how did BS556 visit 2224 unique stations. 


    Also, how can an angel take 2K+ rides but only move ~300 unique bikes.