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How Staggered Stations Help Increase Bike Availability

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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

It’s clear—NYC riders want more docks and more bikes, and we’re listening! As we work to ensure riders have easy access to the types of bikes they want where they want them, we introduced staggered stations to increase the storage capacity at our most-frequented stations. Staggered stations increase bike and dock availability by adding 50% more docks to the station platform without impacting the gross square footage of the station’s space on the ground. 


Angels visit a lot of stations, and the riding that Angels do helps keep the system healthy. Staggered stations deepen the impact of Angels’ efforts by increasing the overall bike capacity at our most-frequented stations. This change allows the balancing efforts from Angel activity to impact other stations in need.


As things improve, they also change, and staggered stations come with a bit of a learning curve. The main thing to remember is you’ll always fill the back row of docks with bikes first, and you’ll want to unlock bikes in the front row first. This ensures the station is optimized to allow as many riders to pick up and drop off bikes as possible. You’ll notice staggered stations have more docks that are split into two rows, and each row will be labeled and color-coded. 

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