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Physical Rewards & Shipping Delays

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4 years ago

To our Bike Angels,


We wanted to give you all an update on your hard-earned rewards and the status of Bike Angels swag.


We have recently made some big updates to the Bike Angels program including new and improved rewards such as Hustlin' Hero bike gloves and an all new reward for  Power Angels reaching 5,000 points!


These rewards are shipped from all around the globe and have been heavily impacted by global supply chain and shipping delays, which has led to us all feeling the delay. If you have received your rewards email from us and submitted your address, then you are confirmed and on our waiting list to receive your shipment! We will be working through these waiting lists as soon as Bike Angels swag is received. 


Along with offering these new rewards, we are discontinuing the previous rewards and will be unable  to support requests for prior swag. 


Over here on the Bike Angels team we are focusing on getting new rewards into your hands as soon as possible and appreciate your continued patience. 


See you in the bike lane,

Bike Angels team

Published 4 years ago
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