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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

Hello, Angel Community, I hope your seats have been dry and your rides breezy!


I wanted to flag that you may see a pop-up notification to perform a quick survey here in the BA community. 


If you see the option to complete the survey, I speak on behalf of the entire Bike Angels Team when I say that we’d really appreciate your feedback, and we plan to use it. Data insights from this survey will be used to directly drive improvements to the Bike Angels Community and the overall Bike Angels program. 


The Bike Angels Team is creating a more robust space for Angels to get help and connect with other Angels and the BA Team, and we need your help! We’re intentionally launching this survey to source information from our engaged Bike Angels Community members (that’s you!). 



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    Resourceful Rider

    I look forward to providing feedback about CitiBikes here

  • this is actually a really fun space lol this is the first forum kind of thing i've posted to and i'm hyped


    thanks for making this yall

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    Bike Angels Team

    We're glad you're here, andreanao! If you see a survey about the community, please fill it out.


    Head over to the Help and Welcome forums to connect with other Angels. See you around 😊 

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    Resourceful Rider

    Bring back the feature (long ago discontinued) that alerted riders when a station they frequently use will be unavailable. Was so helpful! That was back when CitiBike offered great service. Now Citibike is less relatable than MTA and a bit of a joke well known for poor bike distribution and unreliable e-bikes.