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Take Your Points To The Bank: Bike Angels Rewards Update

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9 months ago

Bank your points and choose your rewards—points won’t expire or reset each month. 

Wait no more! The new redemption structure is here, and all Citi Bike Bike Angels will now manually redeem rewards in their app. 


With 42k active Angels in New York alone, Bike Angels are a diverse group. Angels ride for a variety of reasons, and different rewards appeal to different Angels. In response to feedback from Angels who told us they wanted more control over the rewards they earn, we’ve updated the way Angels get rewards. Monthly rewards won’t automatically be redeemed. Instead, your points will be added to your points bank indefinitely and won’t expire. You’ll use points from your points bank to redeem the rewards you want.


This change came with a refreshed Bike Angels profile! Use your points to shop for rewards in the Bike Angels profile of your app by clicking one of the rewards under ‘Bike Angels Rewards’ to reveal the option to purchase. 



Q: When do the points reset?

A: With the points bank, your points total won’t reset each month. You can bank your points and redeem the prizes you prefer on your own schedule.


Q: How do I use my points?

A: View your points total in your Bike Angels Profile, and click on a reward icon to reveal the option to purchase. 


Q: How do I view my claimed rewards?

A: To see a breakdown of the current rewards you have, visit the Bike Angels profile and click ‘View my rewards’. You will need to update your app to the most recent version to see these changes.


Q: How will I get my cash rewards?

A: You’ll receive an email with a link to claim your cash or gift card rewards for a given month within the first 10 days of the following month. You’ll receive one gift card for the total amount redeemed in a given month. 

Published 9 months ago
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    Steady Solver

    Mine too!  And you didn’t mention one of the best features.  It’s FAST.  I used to go crazy with all the hank time eating my battery.  Thank You!

  • Jerv3's avatar
    Steady Solver

    I kinda miss the emails that say you got points.  

  • bikingismygym's avatar
    Resourceful Rider

    This post should maybe be updated? I haven’t received an email to cash out rewards since the change and support told me you’re no longer offering cash rewards payments, only the gift cards.  Definitely lessens the incentive for me to participate in the Bike Angel program as aggressively as I was before.  

  • Jerv3's avatar
    Steady Solver

    Read the post again. In the FAQ it tells you exactly how it works….

  • bikingismygym's avatar
    Resourceful Rider

    I’m assuming that you’re responding to me Jerv3 …


    I read the post, it says I will receive an email to get cash or gift card rewards.  I haven’t received any emails since the update and when I chatted with support they said they are only doing e gift cards which is quite different from the cash deposits to my bank account I got for over a year…..