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Update about Steady Pedaler Rewards

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2 years ago

UPDATE: This backlog was resolved in June 2023. 


Hello Angels, 


We know there are many Angels that have claimed Steady Pedaler Rewards but haven’t yet received them, and we wanted to share what we know about the status of Steady Pedaler reward orders.


Simply put, fulfillment of orders for Steady Pedaler rewards (bike key and pin) is paused until we receive shipment of more bike keys. Shipping of backlogged orders will resume once we have keys on hand. We aim to resume shipping as soon as possible, and will update this post with any news. 


We understand that receiving rewards should be easy and delightful, but we’re experiencing ongoing supply chain challenges that have made sourcing RFID chips for these Bike Angels’ keys tough. Our teams are working diligently to resolve this issue. 


If you’re waiting on a Steady Pedaler reward that you claimed, your order is secured on our waiting list, and these orders will ship as soon as Bike Angels rewards keys are available.


No other rewards are impacted by this. If you’ve claimed rewards from other tiers that you didn’t receive, please connect with our Support Team in your app menu under Help > Bike Angels > Contact Us. 


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  • 2WG-4WB's avatar
    Steady Solver

    Thanks for the update- I have been waiting since Mid-October!

  • kitkat's avatar
    Resourceful Rider

    Will you be updating the copy in the app to reflect that this reward effectively doesn’t exist and has no real timeline for existence? It’s currently quite misleading.

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    Steady Solver

    FYI - The support team does not seem to even be knowledgeable about the Bike Angels program.  And the CSRs on the phone most definitely are not.

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    Casual Commenter

    I've been waiting for this since June 2022. I've emailed 4 times and on those 4 occasions Jose/Miguel/Curt/Jonathan all told me it was "3 to 6 weeks away" but never that it was on "back-order". So who to believe?