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Community Quick Start Guide

We’re so glad you found the community, Angel. We’re working together to make Bike Angels a bit more easy and fun by sharing information and connecting with each other. Check out the overview below to take your Bike Angel Experience to the next level! 

Get registered

Signing up is simple. Click ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner and click ‘Accept’ to create your community account. 

Find answers

Searching the community is the first step! Search for common topics or solutions and review suggested posts and articles to get a quick answer.  

Ask others for help or advice

If you can’t find your answer by searching and double checking the FAQs, post a question for members to discuss the topic 

Solve posts and give likes

Marking posts as solved helps other Angels find answers more easily and validates the solution. Solved posts have more prominence in search and in the community site experience.  

Community Guides

Navigation, Search, & Content Types

Posting & Engaging

Managing your Profile, Notifications, & Follows

Badges & Ranks

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