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Guide to Badges & Ranks

As you engage with the community, you'll notice badges being awarded or your rank increasing based on your contributions. Below is an overview of common questions about ranks and badges:  

  • Q: What are ranks?
  • A: Ranks signify the level of community contributions based on a variety of community actions. Ranks are earned when a member performs a variety of actions to achieve a specific rank.


  • Q: What are badges?
  • A: Badges signify the type of community engagement a member contributes. Badges are grouped in categories and are clearly defined. Badges are active and require community contribution to earn.  


  • Q: How do I increase my rank or earn a badge?
  • A: To earn most badges, you’ll complete the number of actions associated with that badge. Ranking is a bit more elusive—you’ll have to become an engaged member of the community through a variety of ways to earn the highest community ranks. 


  • Q: How can I view my rank and badge progress?
  • A: To view the badges you’ve earned and your current rank, click your photo at the top right and then click ‘Profile’. You’ll see your top badges on the right and a link with the option to ‘View All Badges’.
Published 2 months ago
Version 1.0

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