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2 years ago

Crazy algorithms

Greetings, I have been noticing some issues with point allocations since the recent changes were made to point allocations. 

pickup and drop off points seem to be a little skewed - especially in midtown in the evenings there are not even any neutral bikes - I just checked 2 stations near W42nd St and, while there were over 40 bikes available at each, they were “dropoff” stations, even though one of the stations had only 2 available docks.  


 I’ve also noticed a number of stations entirely offline (upper east side for me) where there is a station full of bikes, with pick up points available, but none of the bikes can be unlocked. Usually says the the bike isn’t docked properly or to try another bike. 

These things are is something I’ve noticed a marked increase in since the recent points change. 

Are these issues something you're aware and is there a plan to address them?  


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    I think the algorithm changed dramatically a couple of years ago to compel riders to travel further and perform a  more useful "balancing" service to acquire points. Five years ago, I used to be able to move five bikes across the street to another station and collect a few quick points ... and then move them back again after 15 minutes passed and the old algorithm now saw that the first station was in need of bikes. These sorts of arbitrages have been eliminated, and now you more or less have to travel from an oversupplied neighborhood to an undersupplied neighborhood. But it is annoying that when a station seems to be malfunctioning and not releasing bikes at all, it will sometimes show up on the angels map as a good place to pick up a bike. This has certainly thrown a wrench into some of the too-good-to-be-true points-collecting routes I have devised!