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2 years ago

estimated miles left on battery

So is the "miles left" reported for each bike reduced every night (since the GPS drains battery)?

I have on several occasions tried to pick up a bike with <10 miles left, but the bike either doesn't do anything, or the red battery LED blinks, and its not possible to use the bike (in the app it waits for say 60 seconds, and then you can check out a new bike).


So there are two solutions to this:

1. Reduce the battery life automatically per night, and automatically take bikes offline when they are below some threshold.

2. Show a "last battery status" time stamp, then you as a user can decide if its worth it to try to pick it up.

(example, if a bike shows 6 miles 3 days ago, it is most likely utterly dead if you try to pick it up today).


Any thoughts?




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  • Hi heikkij, Thank you for taking the time to provide your thoughtful feedback. Please feel free to reach back out to us with any feedback, as your feedback is among the best tools we have in our efforts to continually improve the platform.

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      How do I provide feedback (besides this forum).

      Is there a bug-tracking system to track bugs/enhancements?


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        Thanks for following up! You can send feedback either here, via our socials on Twitter or Facebook, or via our Help Center, We report any known bugs to our engineering team and pass all feedback along to our team for review. Please send any feedback you have our way!  

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    Your Idea #2 sounds like a good solution-

    I never take an e-bike with less than 9 miles left- it's likely to have a flat battery! worst case, mid route😨
    Also, i frequently do a 2 mile ride that drains the battery by 3 or 4 miles because it is uphill.
    I take the miles remaining as a rough guide- and consider the threshold higher.