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2 years ago


The only thing I can do on here is send messages, I have tried to comment on posts, or 'thumbs up' or see other responses, but none of it works. I wanted to comment on the person who mentioned they never got the water bottle, because the same happened to me, but it won't let me. And I've had this problem both by smartphone and by computer.

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    Never mind, I figured it out, now I'd like to know if and how I can delete or edit a post.

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      HAHA. don't be embarrassed. it took me a while to figure it out too. 😆

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    Ilike2bike 2WG-4WB  Hey, Angels, glad this issue was sorted out, and you are both able to contribute to the community. I'm pumped to watch the community grow as Angels connect and collaborate here. 


    Ilike2bike Are you seeing the option to delete your post in the menu under the little arrow icon in the top right of the post? I know there can be a small learning curve with the new community site, but I want to make sure members have the option to manage their posts. If you're not seeing the option to delete posts, I'd like to investigate further. 😊