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Steady Solver
2 years ago

Maybe bring back Northern Navigators?


I was looking back at some old email -- from Feb 2019 -- and wondered if this program could come back.  I live in a City Bike dessert (Uptown) and would feel more useful (angelic?) if I could earn my points mainly by running Downtown and biking back.


email below



Operation: Northern Navigators is back.

Earn up to 8x Bike Angels points on qualified trips. 

What is Operation: Northern Navigators? 🚲 πŸ”

In Manhattan, bikes to tend to travel southbound more often than northbound. In January, there were over 100 bikes per day heading south of 59th Street that didn't return north. The goal: help send bikes back uptown.

Trips that start below 34th street and ...

  • end between 59th and 72nd Street earn a 2x multiplier
  • end between 72nd and 96th Street earn a 4x multiplier
  • end north of 96th Street earn a 8x multiplier

Earning the multiplier

  1. Start at a neutral station or one offering Pick Up points


     inside the Pick Up Zones noted in the map below
  2. Dock at a neutral station or one offering Drop Off points 


    in the Drop Off Zone
  3. Your entire trip score will be multiplied! Not just the points earned at Drop Off

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    Bike Angels Team

    Octimon 2WG-4WB Thanks for this feedback! I love seeing this old communication from early in the program's life. I'll be happy to pass this feedback along to our teams to let them know that bike availability uptown has been low, and that Angels are open to points incentives to rebalance in this way. We appreciate your perspective on this! 

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    Steady Solver

    Good idea. I live uptown and it's becoming difficult to find working bikes.