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3 years ago

Too little bikes in low income hoods, too many in wealthy neighborhoods

Problems with lack of docks in certain neighborhoods and lack of bikes, in others. 
I find this to be an ongoing problem that is not being fixed. The incentives to move bikes is not nearly good enough and the citibike lyft leadership is failing on this BIG TIME. How hard is it to monitor problem areas and fix them?! Why isn’t there are regular truck that comes around and picks up or drops off multiple bikes? What is the point of having a bike membership if you can’t park it closer than a 10-20 minute walk from your house or you can’t find a bike for the same length walk? Where is the incentive to move bikes when the points are so low and there’s no where near to drop off or migrate bikes??? I’ve complained about this multiple times and it appears it’s not a concern. 

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    I feel your pain I complained for years to get help having bikes where I needed them. It’s slightly better but they could give more incentives to get bikes balanced like they used to (they used to have multipliers to take bikes to the some of these areas and the farther or hillier areaS that often didn’t get bikes put in. 

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      Citibike Angels is an awful program, with low incentives & no help when you need it.