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New here? 3 Steps to Get Started

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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

New here? 3 Steps to Get Started

We’re glad you landed here, Angel. Here are some tips for anyone wanting a crash course to getting started in the Bike Angel community.


Pump up your Profile

Head over to your profile to select a profile photo, review your username, and customize your notification settings to be sure you don’t miss a reply!   


Familiarize yourself with the forums

After personalizing your profile, spend a few minutes perusing the community site. The structure is pretty simple.


  • Announcements are from the Bike Angels Team and add larger context to the Bike Angels and community program. You’ll find updates and interesting info there
  • Our current Discussion forums are Help and Welcome. You’ll post there to start a larger, threaded conversation with other Angels.
  • Answers to common questions about Points, Rewards, and Basics can be found in the FAQ forums


Connect with the Community through a welcome post

A simple hello will do! It’s a great way to learn how to post and gain understanding of how the community functions. 

Say Hi 👋 Create a post here


Published 2 years ago
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