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2 years ago

Changes in the way Boosts work

It's annoying that to keep the 3X boost you now need to take 4 positive rides within 24 hours to keep the boost going, but worse than that, it seems that when a 3x boost expires, you also lose your 2x boost even if your last positive ride was less than 24 hours ago. Are other Angels experiencing this?

Changes in the program seem to roll out at different times for different people.

Am I seeing this change/downgrade because I don't have LyftPink?

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    Oh, that's very annoying. I haven't experienced that yet, but I really hope they're not planning on making that permanent.

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    It actually makes sense to me. It's better than when you had to take a ride within an hour or two in order to keep your boost. After 24 hours, you reset to base. Seems logical.

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    That's what happened to me, too. Before it changed over, I briefly had a 3x boost that would not expire. Then, I could not get a streak going at all and had to call for help. Finally, all the changes you described kicked in. Of course, I preferred the old way, where one ride kept me at 3X.


    Also not LyftPink. If they added Boston, I would consider it.

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    I have liftpink and had the same experience. A very frustrating change....