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2 years ago

No points for drop off at a nearly empty station?

This morning I took a bike from an 8-point pick-up station to a station in downtown Manhattan that, when I arrived, had 43 open docks, and of the 5-6 bikes at the station, only one or two bikes were functional.  But this nearly empty downtown Manhattan station was offering points for *picking up* bikes, not for dropping them off. What gives? I wound up getting no points for the ride because there wasn't a single station downtown in the area of my destination which was either offering drop off or no points and had functioning docks. The only one that offered no points at all, at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, was almost entirely full except for a single dock that was not working. Ended my 2x streak, too. Pretty frustrating!

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    Yes. I've noticed sometimes empty (or nearly empty) stations have pick up points or zero points. The system sometimes seems not well thought out. And it still also makes little sense to discourage moving bikes from larger point pick ups to lower point pick ups.

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    I've noticed something similar at the E68th st 1st ave stop. It was completely full with zero open docks, but said it needed drop offs (with 4 points!). I don't know if it's related at all, but this is a valet station. At that time though, there was no valet, so I wouldn't even be able to drop off. It was extremely frustrating because I wanted to pick up a bike, but I didn't want to lose my streak.