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2 years ago

Ran into another station with points that don't make sense


Drop off points for a station with no open docks? The AI's gone mad! πŸ™‚


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  • I've noticed that too. Did you go to the station? Sometimes what the app reflects is different from what's really there -- which means that the station is not connecting properly to the system. 

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      Hi there, topheru & CarolTandava, thanks for raising this issue here. I like CarolTandava's troubleshooting idea of going to that station if you've got the time. This will help us understand if there's a larger issue at play with that station or the app's functionality. 


      At times, with wither weather, stations can go offline or report inaccurate information due to low solar reserves. Stations run predominantly on solar energy. β˜€οΈ

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        Thanks for the reply, Jess. Actually, I did go this station to drop off and found that there were no open docks at the time.


        Good point about winter weather affecting the docks, though. I have found that some of the solar powered stations are having issues providing enough power to undock bikes. Just something that angels might want to be aware of -- if you know a station is solar powered, might be best to stear clear on a cloudy day. It'll be hard to unlock bikes and you'll be leaving the few that do unlock available to non-angels.