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2 years ago

Favorite Street In NYC

Hello fellow Citi-bikers! If you are reading this article I assume you love citi biking and have probably done it enough to know what roads you enjoy and what roads you don't. The other articles I have seen so far are more serious and I felt like it would be fun to discuss more lighthearted topics. Hence, I am here asking for everyone's favorite roads to bike on in NYC. Personally, I am a big fan of 5th Ave headed south from 40th Street. It is all downhill and although there is no bike lane, riding the bus lane makes it exhilarating and passing the Empire State Building offers some nice scenery. I am also a big fan of Park Ave headed north from Union Square. I am not from NY, so as a child I always heard about Park Ave and to think that I can now bike on one of the worlds most famous roads is a fantastic feeling. There are plenty other roads that I enjoy riding on but I would like to hear from other people what they enjoy. If you have a road in mind leave a comment and I look forward to reading some of the responses 🙂

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    As a Dutchman in New York I have lots of opinions about biking and bike infrastructure here, but I'll hold my tongue 😜. My favorite longer ride (that unfortunately isn't inside the Citi Bike service area) is the ride to Jacob Riis or Fort Tilden by taking Bedford all the way down to the water, take the bike path next to the Belt Parkway and then crossing the Marine Parkway Bridge (which is still too narrow, but the destination makes up for it)

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    Thanks for starting a fun topic! 
    I think my favorite Street ride is Crossing town on 120th street from St. Nic's to the Water. On the East side looking South the avenues look like canyons in midtown and beyond. You hit the water where the East Channel is wide and it looks different every day depending on the weather and tide. It can be glassy or crazy. The sky is about as big as it gets from Manhattan.


    I love riding any of the bridges in the city (except the Broadway bridge to Marble Hill ğŸ˜¬).  The Henry Hudson and the Queensboro are probably my favorite bridges to ride on.  


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    So exciting to speak about your favorites! I enjoy riding North bound on Madison Avenue to 125th street from 59th! The up hill ride to be rewarded with a downhill cruise to catch the wind; on the e-bike is nostalgic 😍!

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    I generally use CitiBike as the first and last mile (or two or three) of my daily commute, which starts/ends with the LIRR at Atlantic Terminal. For my daily commute to the Brooklyn Navy Yard (where we need more docks so they are not so congested and I can get some more Bike Angels points 😊) it's Vanderbuilt Avenue. It;s all downhill from Prospect Park to the East River and a fun and snappy ride.

    When I head into Manhattan the Manhattan Bridge is my path of choice. I have not yet been on the new Brooklyn Bridge cylce path, and the Williamsburg Bridge is a bit too far north for my commutes, but the MB drops you right into an area with great bike lanes and infrastructure.