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Bike Angels Team
4 years ago

Let's get to know each other a bit more!

Hello Bike Angels! 


My name is Sef and I work on the Bike Angels team, tinkering behind the scenes with many of my great teammates. We are super excited to be launching our Bike Angels Community and even more jazzed about adding all our Angels and riders in the future.


As we grow the Community we want to incorporate your ideas for what would make this a helpful and fun space to check out. So always be open with what you want to find in the Community and we will see if we can make it happen.


To get started, we want to get to know YOU. 


  • What got you excited about Bike Angels in the first place? 
  • What keeps you riding today? 
  • What is your favorite leisure trip when you aren’t hustling for points? (extra street cred for photos of your favorite spot or ride) 


Post your answers for the questions above in the thread so we can all get to know one another! 


P.S. We had an open bug where when you logged out the site would remove your profile picture, but this is fixed now. As you introduce yourself be sure to add a profile photo to your account.


Looking forward to getting to know you all! 

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    Resourceful Rider

    My goal in life is to have 5,000 points.   


    I like the idea of dynamic pricing where I earn bigger discounts for riding in a way that helps fellow riders.

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      Resourceful Rider

      Riding and walking between stations is my mew CrossFit exercise program nailed over 300 angel points last month dropped an inch on the waistline and at least 5lbs :))

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      Community Manager

      Looks like you're almost there! And thanks for sharing, that's a good idea!

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    Resourceful Rider

    I want to say hi to everyone in this community and share my amazing experience with citibikes. Since I started biking 2 years ago I've cruised for over 2k miles around the boroughs, citibike has changed my life!!!


    I citibike everywhere, it's more than a hobby (it's a simple pleasure). My main goal in life is to achieve 5k angel points so I can obtain all the citibike sweg and ripped calves. Thanks to citibikes I gained a 30inch waistline, started dating Eva Mendez and somehow developed photosynthesis so that I never have to stop biking to refuel.


    I hope your experience has been every bit as good as mine and thanks for welcoming me to the community.


    HK Angel.

  • I've been a Bike Angel since the beginning and am nearing 6,000 points. It's my favorite HIIT workout--and I appreciate the ebike credits because I prefer to use an ebike to cross bridges. My favorite leisure trip is around the Prospect Park loop. Now that docks surround the park, it's great to be able to dock a bike and walk around a bit (which also creates opportunities for points .... 😆 ).

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      Community Manager

      HIIT workouts and Bike Angel points? Could this be the "exercise" version of how to give a PowerPOINT presentation? We think so! 💪🚲💦

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    Resourceful Rider

    Hi, I’ve noticed over the last couple weeks that my Bike Angels map and points indicators aren’t making sense. I’ll check and see a given station has takeaway points for instance, but only has 2 bikes listed as present. This past wknd I got no points when I docked at a station having 1 takeaway despite only having 4 other bikes present. I don’t recall there being such oddities until rather recently. Is this new or am I just crazy? It’s gotten to where I don’t really consult the map prior to trips. 

  • Yes, several of us have noticed this. Perhaps one of the support specialists can give this a more accurate answer, but it seems that the points are based on static time slots rather than real-time dock status.