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3 years ago

Another day of no bikes on the UWS

On September 23, 2021 @ 8:30am, there were zero bikes near my home on the upper west side. My closest station showed 1 bike, but it could not be unlocked. This happens EVERY DAY. There were 33 bikes at 78th and Riverside Drive, but this only offered two points to DROP OFF MORE BIKES. No points could be earned moving these bikes to the empty docks along Central Park West. WHY?


I walked to the East Side then took the subway to Houston Street. I arrived at 11am (same day) and EVERY DOCK WAS FULL. Like 100%. IN A 4x4 BLOCK AREA (Houston/Mott area), THERE WERE 223 AVAILABLE BIKES!!!) Most docks were offering 4 points to pick up a bike. There were no empty docks for dropping off bikes. 


Seriously, CitiBike. The UWS NEVER has bikes available. I always see your box truck dropping off bikes at Grand Army Plaza and UES (First Ave btw E67 & E68). Do you think you could fill a truck in Soho and deliver the bikes to the UWS?


Seems so obvious to me. You could gain customers on the UWS and tourists would rent daily bikes to ride in Central Park.  

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    I agree.  I used to do a lot of Bike Angel rides on the UWS because there'd always be a station or two with bikes that i could fan out to other stations and get my 10K steps....but since last year there's never any bikes anywhere in UWS (59th street; 72nd/CPW, and 86th/CPW always seemed to get fed more bikes by Citibike through the day).  I don't know what happened but it makes no sense (as many of the other changes with BA the bike dock near my house showed +4 to put a bike in but no docks were available so why would any points be given to dock??!!)  I miss the old days.