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9 months ago

Cash rewards in DC/Capital Bikeshare (CaBi)

I am based out of DC and recently joined the Bike Angels program. I can see that the NY/Citibike program allows points to be redeemed for e-gift cards in addition to digital rewards. On my account now, I only see CaBi credits as potential rewards (e.g. 10 points =$1). 

Is the cash/gift card option available in DC? If so, how can I sign up and see how many points I need for gift cards?

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey Fa14912 ! Welcome to the Bike Angels family! Currently the cash/gift card option isn't a reward option for CaBi Angels, but I will make sure your feedback is heard by the team. We want to make sure the available rewards are something our Angels want and can benefit from, so hearing straight from the source, aka you and other Angels, is super helpful. 


    That being said, you can find all the current CaBi Bike Angels rewards on our website, here