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2 years ago

Very few E-Bikes

It's getting increasingly difficult to find  working e-bikes in my neighborhood or even adjacent neighborhoods. The stations & app are unreliable with this; they will tell you a working e-bike is available at a station when there isn't.

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hi Ilike2bike thank you for posting about eBike availability in this area. I'm sorry to learn it's been difficult to find ready-to-ride eBikes in neighborhoods near you. Can you share more details about the app experience? Are you referring to the battery life indicator on the map? Any screenshots you can share would be super helpful as I work to share this feedback with our team. 

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      Thank you Jess & CityAlphabet. Jess, to clarify your question, both the  battery life indicator on the station at the e-bike & the app map will commonly indicate an e-bike is alive & well when it isn't. I've noticed this with the older generation e-bikes, not with the newer ones, but in addition to this issue, the general availability of any e-bikes are scarce.


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    All the issues mentioned by Ilike2bike are accurate. App experience has deteriorated over the past year or so. App will indicate available e-bike to borrow except when you get to the station and try to borrow the e-bike it will come up as unavailable. I live in Manhattan in a neighborhood where closest subway entrances are a 15 min walk. Yet only maybe twice monthly are there e-bikes to borrow after 7am