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3 years ago

How To Drive a Bicycle

Hey kids! When I was 14, I rode motocross, and later I would own numerous dirt bikes, mountain bikes and even a couple of nice Italian racing bicycles! My favourite hand-made cycles are KHS, Cannondale and Brompton. In NYC, I've never bothered to buy a cycle. I never thought it was a pro-cycling city. STILL don't really! :)) When cycle hires came to NYC, however, I thought it was perfect! Why? Cos I switched to BorisBikes in London (and even used Vélib in Paris). These cycles are built like tanks and have limited gear action for speed safety and less experienced cyclers. The bikes themselves? come from a Montreal based company called PBSC behind the famous BIXI scheme. 


The CitiBike cycles are exactly the same design and virtually indestructible. Why waste money trying to be fancy? Most of the New York cyclers clogging the tiny commuter paths can't even drive a cycle! And there are too many motorised cycles on the path. In London or Paris? you'd likely be cited for reckless driving. I highly recommend you simply BEEP/RING your HORN to PASS another rider? Why not? When you PASS especially on the LEFT–you risk a sudden turn by the driver ahead of you. Very few riders use any sort of signaling as they TURN.


Most important? What's your HURRY? The automobile drivers in NYC should give you a clue how BAD driving gets you nowhere in a city like New York! 🙂

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