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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

Where do you like to ride in the Spring? 🌸

Spring has sprung, and we’ve dropped thousands of classic Citi Bikes on the streets. Have you seen any fresh bikes during your travels? The cherry blossoms are beginning to peak. Track them here. 🌸 Where are your favorite places to ride when things are warming up?

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    Resourceful Rider

    I like to do the Roosevelt Island loop in the Spring. It’s a great place to ride in the warm weather and cherry blossoms are on full display. The bike docks on the island are always full so it’s an opportunity to earn some points too. The one by the bridge usually offers the most points on pickup and there are a bunch of neutral docks on the other side for drop off.

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      Bike Angels Team

      bigsewt Thanks for sharing this route with Angels here—bonus that you can earn points on this route. Pro! 🌸