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3 years ago

Exporting Ride History

It appears that you can no longer export your Ride History from the CitiBike / Lyft website.  I've done this for the past 4 years every 6 months to submit documentation for a Gym Reimbursement benefit through my health insurance.  I find it hard to believe that this function could not be replicated on the larger Lyft platform.  Has this been an issue for anyone else under the new management?

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    Thanks for reaching out, aahles1! Currently, specific ride histories can't be downloaded, but you'll be able to see your rides in the app. We're sorry about that!

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      Looks like the feature is available on the app, but I selected several rides, pressed export, got an “email sent” message, and… nothing ever came. Tried twice. Really lame that you can’t get a monthly statement for reimbursement. 

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      Revisiting this topic, is there any way to export one's ride history?  Exporting selected rides on the CitiBike app did not result in an email sent.