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4 years ago

Angel EBike credit is dissengenuous at best

The fact that the ebike credits you get as angel rewards are individual credits and that you can only apply one credit to a ride is pretty slimey. I could have multiple dollars of credits but can only use a single 10 minute credit on any given ride. What's worse, if I have a bit left over, that would be used for the next ride. In almost all cases I'd be charged rather than credit used.


Not cool.


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    Hey zamansky So sorry to hear your frustrations with credits. We very recently have updated how our credits work so they can be used towards any bike or scooter ride and can be "stacked" together to offer a greater discount. If you're seeing anything different in-app, please let us know!

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      I have accumulated several promos and used some last night. This is very small, but also very annoying: there is a real problem in how these are applied. I attach screenshots but I have one promo which expires tomorrow, May 10. It was not used! I think it is logical and to be expected that these are used in chronological order, no? Instead you used one expiring June 26, and another July 6. Some of one expiring on June 30th was also used, and some of one expiring on August 4. It seems to be completely random. I have emailed asking this to be corrected but find the support team slow and poor, but I would like the total of $1.92 charged at 8.10pm on May 8 is taken from the promos expiring May 10 and June 4, leaving 8 cents. For the total of $1.80 charged at 11.07pm on May 10, you should take the 8 cent balance from the promo expiring June 4, $1.20 from the earlier promo expiring June 26 (which you have marked as used), leaving 52 cents to be charged to the earlier of the two promos expiring June 30.


      Sorry to shoot anyone trying to be helpful, but it is OBVIOUS it should work this way. Why doesn't it? A few roll-out glitches are to be expected, but it's now three months into the new app no one asked for or wanted, and I think it is reasonable to be less tolerant of bad programming by people who clearly have no engagement with the system or presumably even live in NYC. I don't mind the rent-a-programmer but I do mind the lack of—forgive bluntness—a remotely engaged project manager. 


      In fairness I tend to get these faster than I sound them—e-bike is "cheating" for me—but this is just not good.