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3 years ago

Angel Rewards and Citibike App

I have patiently waited for my lifetime rewards 500, 1500 now 2500 and seem to be getting nothing. My partner received rewards even after completing milestones well after me so what gives. To add to the confusion, I looked on my Citibike app today and all of my stats are gone and I can not see points for the stations.  Just a taunt saying "You're a Bike Angel". Click on it and nothing happens (Apple and Android) and my 60 minute ride perk seems to have disappeared as well since it says 45 minutes again.

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    Now it looks like I am not collecting any points at all according to my ride history fro today

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    Bike Angels Team

    There were a few bugs with the launch of Lyft Pink yesterday. As soon as our team was aware, we worked with our engineering teams to get these issues fixed. You should be good to go now, but if you don't see the points, please delete and then redownload the app. 

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      I’ve also been waiting since last November for my 2500 point steel key and they somehow never sent to me and now say it doesn’t exist, despite them a few times in December-February assuring me that one was on its way. I’m used to being lied to at this point from the customer service people because they don’t really understand the programme nor do they care (they’re not even in USA!)