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11 months ago

Bay Wheels app shows remaining time inconsistently ; could it show the end time or maybe minutes lef

On my Bay Wheels app, it's hard to tell exactly when my streak will end since it generally shows hours remaining.


Also sometimes it shows a different number of hours depending on which screen you're on!


Could this be updated to show the hours and minutes remaining?  And/or the end time?

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  • Hi bwitt ! Thank you for sharing your questions and feedback with the community! This does sound confusing. What screens are showing different amounts of time remaining, and typically by how much? We want to make sure we get your feedback to our Bike Angels team with as much info as possible, so any details you can provide will be really helpful. 

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      The screens in question are:

      1. the main "Take a ride" screen with the map and the box at the bottom that says "x more positive rides to restart the clock.  xx hours left"

      2. Click on the "View profile for progress" link in that "Take a ride" box at the bottom of that main screen, and in the "Streak" box it'll say xx hours left.


      These two hours values are typically off by one hour.  So if the first says 21, the second will say 20.  Typically like that: the main screen has the higher value, and the streak info page has the lower value.  It's probably a difference in rounding?


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        Bike Angels Team

        Hey there, bwitt, apologies for the delay in reply! Thank you for following up with these details. I understand what you're saying about the trackers not showing the same time.


        Are you able to upload a photo here? I'd like to investigate this with the team the builds Streaks, and the photos will be super helpful for my report. ğŸ˜Š