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12 months ago

Divvy Chicago Un‐docked eBikes

After catching up in this forum, I learned that Citi eBikes are not allowed to dock out of station. NYC is docking station only.


The thing about Chicago, besides being 3x smaller than NYC, is our Divvy bikes are left parked/discarded all over the place.


That, along with the scooters, makes for quite a mess.


Now, having said that, you'll see in the photos, the eBikes are clutter up everywhere in the Loop (our central district). But come rush hour, they are all cleared out.


For the Angels, it could be great for points if the un‐docked eBikes are grouped together near a station. But in practice, the GPS is so inaccurate, that hunting for a bike is often a futile endeavor.  


Sometimes, the docking stations are full, and many, many eBikes are parked alongside.


That helps a lot, when in a normal situation with a manual bike, you wouldn't be able to park at that station, the eBikes, for a fee of course, can be cable locked anywhere.

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    • At rush hour, the un-docked eBikes, as well as The Loop stations, are cleared out.





    During the day, The Loop fills up with un-docked eBikes.

  • Since I typically get into the city early so I can leave early, there was only one time I was still around after rush hour and it was a complete desert - nothing around for essentially miles. It was a treasure trove of high point earning stations, without any spare bikes or neutral stations be able to use to earn those points. And while I didn't have the luxury of time to attempt to trek through the emptiness, I doubt even someone with time would have been willing to try to find something to earn those points. It very likely could have taken close to an hour to move one bike and earn 12 points (assuming the 3x booster is active).