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5 months ago

Divvy Un-docked eBike

Chicago Divvy

Divvy allows eBikes to be parked out of stations for an additional fee.

You see from the pic, that creates a situation where many, many eBikes are left out in the streets.

It takes great resources for Divvy to collect these ebikes.

Bike Angels can help, but it makes no sense when the fees charged to collect an eBike and return it to a station far exceed the value of the points earned.

Each ride will calculate differently, but in the end, on a high point ride, you'll do little better than breaking even when returning an un-docked eBike to a station.

Sure, having bikes scattered around is often handy for members, but many of the eBikes in Chicago go unused or have been "abandoned" in the streets for weeks.

The issue is exacerbated with the increase of eBikes over classic.

Keeping the docking stations full, and the redistribution of bikes between stations, will be hard to achieve if bikes are left unused and spread out around the city.  

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  • Hey jm

    We love the feedback about this and wanted to thank you for providing it.

    We definitely understand as it is a tough balance between making sure bikes are available in more places but also keeping stations full for better re-balancing, and we've discussed within our internal teams to better consolidate bikes that have been parked outside of a station.

    We are definitely keeping an eye on this 👀, again thanks for your input!