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7 months ago

Easier way to contact support for Angels

Can there be an easier way for Angels to contact customer support? The options in the app are insufficient, even for regular reports of issues (but that's a whole other topic). Since we are riding far more than a regular user, we are more likely to come across problems. From my phone, it's not always easy to report those problems, so I make a note, take a picture, and save it for later when I can submit a ticket with Lyft. This, unfortunately, has resulted in amassing a long list of issues I need to report. Not only that, but because of how replies are received from support, I have to keep track of the tickets, otherwise I won't know which one they are talking about. Or if they haven't replied (which reminds me that I need to follow up again on tickets from June/July...).




I realize some of this is specific to me and that I need to take the time to contact support. But that's just it, why do I have to take time to contact support? Why can't I quickly and easily do it right in the app at the time support needs to be contacted? Like dispute a charge because there's an issue? For example, that would have been useful the time I was charged for a ride AND out of station parking on a scooter that would not unlock - I reported an issue in the app so the unlocking issue can be addressed, but you don't receive replies for those, and that doesn't resolve the charge issue that went with it. So, for 1 problem, I have to make 2 reports. A better connection between reports in the app and reports with customer support would help immensely. Too often I've had to replicate effort between reporting in the app and reporting with customer support because what I report in the app is not readily available or accessible to customer support. From my experience, the app and customer support are 2 entirely separate things, when they should be working together. 




I know I'm not the only one who tries to report issues outside the limited and generic ones in the app, and I'm sure everyone would like an easier way to open, see, and track tickets opened with support. Honestly, this blog is far easier to use for issues than support - at least I can see history, pictures, and receive notifications on activity, but this is not the place for support issues. 




I recognize this could result in customer support getting bombarded with superfluous tickets, but that's why I want to emphasize that this should be specific to Angels. An option or options that are invisible until you are an Angel, just like the points in the map and separate points/rewards page. 

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  • Hey there tgrim12, thanks for the post!

    As a mod here and a support agent for our bike tickets I understand your pain in this.

    I feel your pain regarding being so active and reporting so many ticket due to riding so much but (as you pointed out in your post) our customer support is usually bombarded by so many tickets from in-app, regular reports, and so on.

    Ideally this community should be a place for specialized support for Bike Angels such as yourself! Jess  and I have things in the works that will (hopefully) make this place a great place to both discuss ideas and get some one off help!

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey, tgrim12, thank you for visiting the community to share your feedback about reporting issues and contacting support. I appreciate you pointing out that sometimes the system causes you to have to create duplicate reports. Feedback from the community helps us provide context to rider issues, which drives future improvements. I flagged this post to share with teams that work on the reporting feature and our support design team.