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10 months ago

Filter out ebikes on Android Bay Wheels app

On the map in SF, there are so many undocked e-bikes (many times near docks) it's hard to make out many of the docks, especially point values.  I'm having to zoom in and out to see the points for docks.  It'd be great to be able to filter out e-bikes so I wouldn't have this problem.  And/or make undocked e-bikes appear under the docks.

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey bwitt ! Thanks for posting in the Community with this feedback! I love this suggestion and have made sure your feedback was relayed to the rest of the team for review. 

  • Wow, that's a lot of e-bikes. In NYC they're scarce & bikes need to be docked. Anyway, good luck with the issue.

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      Steady Solver

      Scarce?!  That's all I see in NYC.  And to be honest, I would rather ride the traditional points than pay extra.  Maybe that is just in the neighborhood you are riding in.